La Casetta di Ben

La casetta di Ben

La Casetta di Ben was officially born in 2017, but it's origins as an olive oil producer start in the early 70s. At first, it was a hobby for our parents - the oil produced from the small family olive grove was destined for friends and family. Years later, our happy childhood memories have inspired us to share what we do with a wider public. We expanded the olive grove onto nearby land and created this enterprise.

Like our parents before us, we use only natural fertilisers and avoid pesticides. Like them, we pick the olives by hand and cold-press them, achieving a 100% natural oil.
There are now five types of olives typical to the Tuscia region in our grove: Canino, Leccino, Moraiolo, Pendolino and Frantoio. Their union makes for a well balanced oil: fruity, slightly spicy, and with a light hint of fresh herbs.

We are a small business, but size is not our priority. We dedicate our efforts into making a high-quality product before everything else!

You're welcome to visit us! We can host you in a lovely B&B in the countryside, surrounded by nature and perfect for a relaxing break. We encourage you to explore the beautiful Tuscia region and taste our local specialties.
We have spacious rooms and a private garden, so animal friends are also welcome!