Ben's Bees

After a few months of research and preparation, we are proud to announce our bee conservation project is finally underway. We’ve planted fruit trees and medicinal plants for the bees to feed on, and placed the hives in a sheltered corner of the olive grove.

They seem to appreciate their new habitat, and our valiant beekeeper is especially satisfied with the way they’ve adapted to their new home.

Our objective is to get the best honey possible, 100% natural, without stressing our bee friends. By the beginning of summer we should be able to harvest our first batch and bring you the first jars!

The more we learn about them the more we would like to share the fascinating things we learn with others. We are therefore thinking of starting a new project which would allow people to become more informed about bees – their habitats, their organisation inside the hives, and especially the importance of protecting them. We hope to make this new project a reality soon… we’ll keep you in the loop!🐝